YA!!! Our Sixth Season Begins! Summer 2010!

I have said it before, but we sand, we paint, we varnish, we order food and supplies, we polish and clean and upgrade and improve. We are inspected and measured (well the boat is!) and approved and improved. We answer emails and phone calls and letters and post cards . . . and FINALLY we get to put away all the tools, polish one last time, stow the final bits of clothes and personal effects and YAHOO!!! leave the dock at home to gather up our first group of guests for the season. I think we are as excited as our guests! Of course, some are returning to join us again, old friends now, and some are new faces. Its fun to meet the first fresh faces of the year and to show off all our hard work. This year we were especially lucky to have the painter, Robert Genn, join us for a painting workshop. Robert has owned several large and beautiful vessels and I was anxious that he would find our COLUMBIA III up to snuff. But all was well. Robert liked the boat and the paintings were abundant by all participants. It is always a marvel to watch a Master at work and catch a glimpse as his paintings unfold.

Here are a few photos from this tour. The weather was a little wet, but the group made good use of the covered aft deck.

Each student and instructor! added a small painting to our guest book and Robert wrote, “Ross, Fern and Miray, Thank-you so much for the privilege of traveling on your precious vessel.”

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