Great Bear Rainforest 2010

What a great start to our Great Bear Rainforest Season! There was a humpback whale feeding in harbour! and it spent the whole day lunging for food. Over and over and over. It was a wildlife photographers dream.
And the GBR just kept putting wildlife in our way for all our tours. As crew, we get just as excited as the guests! This stuff never gets “old”.

Tara’s family has joined us twice in the BC Great Bear Rainforest and once to the Broughton Archipelago.

Two sisters and a daughter. 3 times guests!

Scott from the USA has joined us in the Great Bear for four 9 night tours over 5 years!

Damien Gillis is carving himself quite a name as a political documentarian. We were honoured to have him aboard. And yes, he does have a golden voice. Below is a “still photo” from a great opportunity that arose for Damien. The group happened upon a grizzly feeding on crab apples and Damien set up his tripod to record the action. Well, great shots are not to be missed, even if the tide is coming in. And in, and in. Until Damien was waist deep! (no chest waders) but the camera kept rolling!

Lead Guide Luke Hyatt. here in his element. Luke is a walking encyclopedia for the natural world. He reads and reads and even remembers it all. He and Miray have also perfected the technique for taking great shots of the spectacular nudibrachs that they have keen eyes to find.

We don’t need much prompting to make a great day an extra celebration. Here is a wedding anniversary. Congratulations Rick and Carolyn!!

And a final whale’s tail good-bye to the GBR for another season. With out a jest, we now have reservations for 2011,2012, and a ‘HOLD” FOR 2013!! Some folks really plan ahead!

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