Boomer Jerritt Photography workshop 2013 Great Bear Rainforest

Boomer has joined us several times and we thought it was time to introduce him to  the Great Bear Rainforest. Here is a tiny, tiny sample of Boomer’s shots. There were so many great participants, each with their own unique style and way of capturing the world through  their camera’s lens, that we have been gifted a crazy number of absolutely awesome photos. Realistically, we should  redo all our advertisements, brochures and web site promo shots . Here are a few of Boomer’s. I will need  to do some serious reviewing in the fall of this new crop of images. Stay tuned for an updated photo gallery.

Here is a group shot. We have good people join us. Fun people. Fun loving people. But this group . .  THIS GROUP, led by Boomer was SUPER FUN! I don’t think I have ever had such a laughing, elbow ribbing, funny bunch of folks on the boat . ..  perhaps we were all giddy with the Great Bear Rainforest’s offerings on this 5 night tour. See for yourself._MG_6373

Here is Jim. See his Mothership collection at his site._MG_6386




Boomer stitched this shot together to give a sense of scale. The fjords are grand!

Pano Kynoch #2




Now here is a shot I want to incorporate into my promo material somewhere. . . . A calendar? _E5Q6420

We really avoid being labelled a “wildlife photography tour” as the BC coast is not a zoo. We can not guarantee we will see a “wolf” or a “bear” or anything. It’s too tricky. But what the Great Bear Rainforest does guarantee is spectacular wilderness with wildlife that time and time again treats us and our guests to wonderful encounters. This selection of Boomer’s photos speaks volumes._E5Q6464









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