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May 2013 The final touches (read RUSH!)

Oh my gosh! This blog is a lot of work when I am just “a little busy” getting the ship ready for the season!! Here are a few snap shots of the last minute preparations.

Here the deck chairs get oiled on a fine spring day.IMGP5419

The final step in the spring painting season is when we do the decks. This year we redid the non-skid coating which entails two coats. One on which we sprinkle crushed walnut shell and two days later a second coat to seal the walnut shell in. We mask off the edges of the non-skid areas to make the decks a bit “dressier”. Here Farlyn is taping in preparation for the walnut shell layer.IMGP5403

Farlyn applies the finish and I clamber about sprinkling walnut shell on . . .IMGP5409

and the tape comes off . . . IMGP5417


The decks are done! I will kill anyone who spills anything on the decks now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMGP5410

Steve catches a few “black details” we forgot . . . IMGP5398

I made a new teak bracket for the aft running light . . . .IMGP5396

Steve polishes the stainless steel anchor guard plate.IMGP5395

Working for my dad is soooo much fun . . . .  it’s like going to the dentist and getting asked too many questions. How do you chat while you work with a respirator on?IMGP5393

How did we miss these bits? Farlyn carefully stains without dripping on the decks.IMGP5422

Luke caaaarrreeefffuulllyyyyyy hand sands the salon table and varnishes it twice and then over two days polishes it to a silky, sensuously smooth finish.IMGP5420

He is getting really good at this.IMGP5421

Then we book a “crew training day” to review safety drills and practice firefighting and abandon ship procedures. Here the portable firepump and the ship’s built-in fire pumps are in action.IMGP5447

Luke and Tavish, our two other skippers practice with the emergency steering tiller.IMGP5444


I am the patient as we practice getting a stretcher on and off the mothership. IMGP5442

Don’t drop me! I am your boss, right. Kids! Now, hey, no fooling around. KIDS!! Really!IMGP5439

And there are the inspections required by Transport Canada. Here the fire extinguishing and fire suppression systems are checked by a certified inspector.IMGP5436

And the propane system is inspected . . .IMGP5435

and the radio systems are inspected by a very thoughtful Canadian Coast Guard Radio Inspector . . .IMGP5434

And Terry, who has worked on Gardner engines in England his whole life tweaks our engine and gives his stamp of approval for the up coming season.IMGP5426

and a HUGE component of the preparations is taken on by Fern. She experiments with new recipes and finally decides on the menus for all the various tours: 3 night, 5 night, 6 night, 9 night, and then creates a master shopping list and orders from large wholesalers. The orders arrive in Campbell River timed to match our 3 days of inspections. Somehow we find room for many hundreds of pounds of stores in the nooks and crannies of the Columbia III.IMGP5433