Spring 2015: SPV

Sand, Paint, Varnish. REPEAT!!!!!!!!!!! Steve started sanding as soon as the boat was back in the shed after the ship yard. The WHOLE boat got sanded on the outside (O.K. I lied. We didn’t do the masts this year. We did them last year and just did touch-ups this year.)IMGP6133

And I “dug into” a small issue. The deckhouse roof was fit out 50 years ago with galvanized steel downspouts. I wanted to replace one of the worse and chiseled and cut the first one out of the roof.


The old downspout hanging below the deckhouse soffit.IMGP6184  IMGP6140 IMGP6141


A crude router jig to clean up my chiseling surgery . . .

IMGP6142 IMGP6143

The new brass fitting right before I epoxied it into place. Good for another 60 years!IMGP6185

Then I clamped in a piece of yellow cedar to repair the cut-out I had made . . . IMGP6192

The new brass downspout in place.IMGP6187

AND  . . . Sand and sand and . . .IMGP6144

sand  and . . .



and sand . . .



and sand . . . IMGP6148

and sand . . .IMGP6149

and sand . . . .


Another small side project. The main ship’s batteries were never properly vented to the outside, So I made a new vented box over the batteries with a small computer fan for extra venting under conditions when the batteries are gassing such as when they are equalized.IMGP6166 IMGP6167

Sand the transom ready for varnish . . . IMGP6180

A bit of repairs near the bowstem. i am SO not a ship wright. The small piece of wood was totally non parallel, curved, slanty, tapered and generally confusing for a poor carpenter that likes right angles and parallel sides . . . . I made 3 until  I  got it right. . . . IMGP6182

Selfie  . . . .


Sand, Sand, Sand . . . . What a MESS!!!!IMGP6188 IMGP6190

The big day came when the sanding was finally finished and the sun shown brightly. So we pulled the CIII out of the shed to wash her clean and dry her in the sun . . . IMGP6193 IMGP6196

Wash, wash, wash. from the very top to the water line . . .   IMGP6198 IMGP6200 IMGP6202

Even the deck chairs were scrubbed with scotch brite to prep them for another coat of Cetolclear gloss finish . . .

IMGP6203 IMGP6204

Stain the transom . . . IMGP6205


A small diversion. the lid for for our roof top freezer box was mistakenly opened too quickly on a gusty, windy day and the lid was damaged. It was easier to make a new lid than repair the old . . IMGP6206 IMGP6207 IMGP6208 IMGP6209


Varnish the transom . . .  4 times . . . IMGP6210

Paint the green bulwarks . . . IMGP6213 IMGP6216 IMGP6217


Paint the roof details . . .   IMGP6219 IMGP6221

Wipe the varnish clean with paint thinner . . . IMGP6222

Varnish the exterior teak doors and windows . . .IMGP6223 IMGP6225 IMGP6226 IMGP6228

A few accumulated cans of paint and spare paint brushes . . . IMGP6230

Cold zinc the stanchions  . . .

IMGP6231 IMGP6232

Paint the deck house . . .


Paint the hull . . .



Paint the inside of the bulwarks . . .


and paint . . .


and paint . . .!!!!!!



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