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Spring Wedding!! 2008

After rushing all spring to get the homestead in order and the Columbia III looking her best, Mothership Adventure’s Lead guide, office administrator and of course, OUR DAUGHTER, Miray had her wedding. It was the highlight of the spring . . . no, it was the highlight of the year . . . no, no, no . . . it might be the highlight of my life. The weather was perfect, the flowers bloomed exquisitely, and over a hundred guests came to join the celebration. All arrived by boat and many came on the Columbia III. Once again the Columbia III had a bride and groom aboard. And the lucky groom? For all our past guests, it is of course our favorite guide and skipper, Luke.

We have, of course, many, many photos and I will include here far too many, but for all our guests that know Miray and Luke I knew you would want a wee window into their special day.

The Columbia III was even graced with a rare performance by a famous Bulargian Gaida player ( it is a goat skin bag pipe!)

May your marriage be long, healthy, loving and happy!

Winter time 2006 de-mob and office work

Mid-October and on…
We expend quite a bit of energy getting the Columbia III ready for winter. We remove all the bedding and mattresses. We remove all the books. We strip her bare to avoid any mildewing problems and we thoroughly clean her. We remove anything we can off the roof to be placed in storage such as the life jacket box and storage lockers. All the kayaks are put in storage over the winter. We empty the stern storage area (the lazarette) so there is good air flow to keep the stern dry and sound. There are several circulation fans placed throughout the vessel to keep her warm and dry for the winter.

And we headed back into the office to finalize our 2007 season and send out our material to past guests and inquiries.

Note the Columbia III out our kitchen window.