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Finally home, and winding down and working!

The Columbia III left the dock in front of our house in late May and finally returned about the 20th of October. Home safe: all guests safe and satisfied, all crew safe, the Columbia III safe. Thank-you.

The final trip south to our home was storm plagued and we waited 7 days in one harbour waiting for the winds to abate. There is one prominent headland that we must round and 5 meter seas and heavy swells just don’t work. When we do make it home we have to demobilize the ship for the winter and just in time our friends on the Coastal Messenger pulled into the bay. They are very good sports and all were willing to help us carry loads up to the house and give the ship a final scrub and vacuum.

Of course, as soon as we settle in there is lots to do. We hammered out the details for our 2011 season and mailed out the information to our guest list. And there is no time like the present to get a start on the winter maintenance. We removed the anchor winch for maintenance and upgrade. Here Luke is welding a new base on the winch. I have added a new, much heavier 1/2″ stainless steel cable for the “rode”. This will let me sleep more easily next summer.

And then our first heavy snowfall of the winter. I can never resist the opportunity to take a few shots of the boat. I must put one on the bulletin board next summer.

Spring Wedding!! 2008

After rushing all spring to get the homestead in order and the Columbia III looking her best, Mothership Adventure’s Lead guide, office administrator and of course, OUR DAUGHTER, Miray had her wedding. It was the highlight of the spring . . . no, it was the highlight of the year . . . no, no, no . . . it might be the highlight of my life. The weather was perfect, the flowers bloomed exquisitely, and over a hundred guests came to join the celebration. All arrived by boat and many came on the Columbia III. Once again the Columbia III had a bride and groom aboard. And the lucky groom? For all our past guests, it is of course our favorite guide and skipper, Luke.

We have, of course, many, many photos and I will include here far too many, but for all our guests that know Miray and Luke I knew you would want a wee window into their special day.

The Columbia III was even graced with a rare performance by a famous Bulargian Gaida player ( it is a goat skin bag pipe!)

May your marriage be long, healthy, loving and happy!