2011 Shipyard/ Annual Haul out

Each spring it is one of our “traditions” to run the mothership 12 hours south to the nearest marine haulout for our annual inspection and painting of the hull. Here Peter, the yard foreman greets us early in the morning on the high tide and helps us get positioned correctly on the cradle

Here we are just starting up the railway tracks as the winch pulls us out of the water.

While the crews were working below the waterline, Tavish and I were working on the roof. We unstepped the forward mast in preparation for installing hinges. We need to be able to lower the masts to get the boat into the new boat shed.

Here are a few shipyard shots.

A clean bottom is always a good thing.

Good for another year!

Every five years our insurance company requires a complete survey by an independent surveyor. Gord Morrow, came again this year and it is his 3rd inspection of the COLUMBIA III (2001, 2005, 2010/11). We all appreciated his written evaluation,

“This vessel continues to receive the highest level of maintenance available and is in better condition than when surveyed in 2005 and 2001.”

Just what I like to hear. I sleep better this way!

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