Gotta love Computers

We are a really small, family run business and we all wear a wide variety of “hats” running this business. From Transport Canada permits to scrubbing the bilge in the engine room, from talking to travel agents in Australia to trying to find a coffee maker that will fit in our galley there are innumerable tasks we take on. A few tasks exceed our skill set and these are mainly legal, accounting services and, you guessed it, computers. Even in our little outfit we have our share of computational issues. (You all know what I am talking about: an upgraded operating system that won’t recognize our 3 printers . . . you know the kid of fun I mean!) From the very start of Mothership Adventures, our good family friend and conveniently COMPUTER GURU, Dave has kept our machines and website sailing smoothly. Dave is not afraid of late night emergency phone calls and even the annual house call. With 2 office computers, 2 ship’s computers, and personal computers, our living room looked more like a laptop display area. Here Dave is untangling our binary rat’s nests.

Thank you, Dave, for all the tireless, hard work. We couldn’t survive without you.

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