A new crew member: a GRANDSON!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this is supposed to be a business blog, you know, catchy corporate stuff that would entice new guests to join us, but really, this IS a family business and our oldest daughter, Miray and her husband, Luke, were the primary reason we bought the COLUMBIA III and Mothership Adventures. They have been our full-time lead-kayak guides and part time Skipper and Office Manager, and they have been our primary face to our guests. Hundreds of travellers have joined Miray and Luke over the last 7 years and I know many guests will be happy to hear their wonderful news. On March 3rd, 2012, Fern and I became grandparents for the first time. And Miray and the new family member are well! Thankfully.

I am sure every grandparent thinks their little gaffer is the cutest, but really, this guy is beautiful.

And when the the happy, new family made it home . . .

Grandma, Fern.

Auntie Farlyn and Uncle Tavish . .. .




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