Broughton Archipelago Kayaking ’12

Ok,Ok, I am a terrible blogger! I think of cool shots or cool items to include but then there are dishes to do, heads that need scrubbing, orcas that need viewing, sunsets that need to be toasted with a glass of wine, new friends to become aquainted with, and the occasional guest that needs a decaf before bed. Whales, mountains, stunning scenery, navigating a classic wooden heritage vessel safely through rocks, storms and tranquil channels . . .  when is a “guy” supposed to fit in blogging??!! Here are a few summer shots. Check out the real photo gallery for the good shots our kids have taken.

A mid summer wheel house crew shot. “What is going on!? Why are my crew sitting still? They should be polishing brass, or cleaning windows, or waiting on our guests, hand and foot. Get to work!!”

Here are a few “shiny boat bits” photos. Even half way through the summer the boat looks pretty good, even to my discerning (picky) eye.




We do see quite a bit of marine life during the course of the summer and the dolphins and porpoises often play in the bow wave. Everyone gets so excited and I seem to end up with quite a lot of bum shots taken from my wheel house window.







Here are a few ‘behind the scenes”of the galley. We prepare 3 meals a day for 14 guests for 5 months of the year. Beautiful, healthy, delicious food . . .  and just the occasional dish and pot needs scrubbing.


Our summers are full to brimming of little stories and some big. This guest, Jeff, joined us with his buddy from Australia. Due to serious medical issues Jeff had to wait a year to finally join us, but he was SO! appreciative when he did. Every moment, every sun rise, every wonderful meal and orca siting were cause for deep appreciation. Everyone on the tour, crew and fellow guests alike, were touched by the enthusiasm. There is nothing like a brush with death to remind us all to appreciate our blessings.

“Trim! Where are we?”

“Canada, mate!”

“Trim, What are we doing?”

“Kayaking with orcas, mate!”


There’s our son-in-law, Luke. I must admint I was hoping he’d lose his balance!

Now it’s not very often that I put in an advertizing pitch for another ecotourism company, but how can I resist!! There is our son, Tavish, now skippering a beautiful 90′ schooner that also runs eco tours (non-kayaking) on the this coast. They run a great program and hire only the highest quality staff! The BC coast is a very small place when it comes down to the boating community. We all try to take good care of each other. As the saying has it,”What goes around, comes around.”

I love this shot. This is the chart table in the wheel house. The big telephoto lenses are out, the transient and resident orca identification books are out. Obviously, there are orca about and the guides are trying to figure out who is who in the KW world ( killer whales for us cool folk). The ship’s log book is still there. The ship’s business still proceeds.


Here’s a fun story. This guest, Ellen joined one of our tours. Fern and Ellen had been mountaineering companions back in their varsity days . . . a long time ago. As often happens over the course of week, the conversation roams about, and Ellen asked me how I met Fern.

“That was a long time ago. I was on a ski mountaineering trip with a buddy”

“Oh, what was your friend’s name?”

“Gosh, it hardly matters, I haven’t heard from him in 35+ years . . .”

“No, really. I know a lot of people in the mountaineering world . . . tell me his name.”

” Grant M—-.”

“What!!, Grant is my best friend and I will be staying with him when I pass through Vancouver when I get off the Mothership!!!”

So Grant and I reestablished contact. It was like the years hadn’t even gone by. It was fun to see him again.

And that is what the mothership is like. Many lives coming together and weaving new, and reweaving old connections with friends.


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