Our season begins, with Coastal History!

Our long time family friend and locally famous historian, Jeanette Taylor, has been an strong supporter, advocate, tour leader for us on the Columbia III. This year she joined us for  2 tours that were as popular as ever.

Now that’s close to the shore! But Jeanette likes to get really close to the pictographs.Now that's close to the shore! Jeanette is passionate about pictographs and nothing will stand between her and a "good look" at her latest find>

Jeanette loves to recount all the stories she has learned about the coast. She “recounts history”, as Skipper, I “tell stories”. You can bank on Jeanette’s stories, but be a little more careful using me as a reference.

Our daughter, Farlyn has spent time as First Mate on Raincoast Conservation’s research vessel, Achiever, and made good friends with an excellent, (and very energetic !!!) cook, Gem Salsberg. This summer Gem helped for a month and Fern got to guide for a break. Gem is an avid photographer and artist as well.


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