The Chairs.

I worked so long and hard on these chairs. I can’t seem to get a good shot of them but just for the record here are a few angles . . . I would expect I have about $500 invested in labour, wood, leather, silicone bronze screws, stain, sandpaper and varnish. Per chair!

Here is the salon “suite”. I know the photos are crappy, I just can’t seem to get the camera to adjust to all the shiny reflections of polished varnish. This is simply a “record” of the chair restoration. It is obvious I am not a photographer.Fine woodworking chair restoration

Here are two shots of the new custom leather seats and the new chair backs.Columbia III Chairs


Winter 2013 preparations for Great Bear Rainforest tour

And a close-up of the new chair backs. IMGP5569

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