Getting Close!

So the big day came! The COLUMBIA III came out of the shed, one step closer to being ready for our up coming season. The kayaks that hung out of the way all winter in the rafters of the shed get lowered on to the mothership.IMGP5925

A little gymnastics . . . IMGP5929

The emergency towline was reloaded into the clean and freshly painted lazarette. . . .IMGP5930

The life raft loaded back into is rack after a 3 week visit to Victoria for its annual inspection . . . IMGP5931

The gate was opened . . . IMGP5933

and out she went!IMGP5935

After all the dust and sticky wet paint and varnish, grandson, Theo, is finally allowed back aboard.IMGP5936 IMGP5941

Auntie/skipper/cook, Farlyn and papa/skipper/lead kayak guide/son-in-law, Luke  assist the “exit strategy”, with Theo directing.tavishcampbell-3882


” Boy oh boy! These are big ropes!”tavishcampbell-3900

I am told by previous guests that I don’t have enough photos of Theo on this post . . . so here is my obligatory grandson shot.tavishcampbell-3902

And a new stage of labours begins. The bedding and books and lifejackets and mattresses and towels all make the journey down form the house to the dock.IMGP5950

And the masts are winched back upright.IMGP5952

And the rigging re-connected.  IMGP5953

Here is a “boaty” little detail. We had 1″ diameter steel rods as “stairs” up the midship shrouds. These silly bars dripped rust on the decks despite being sanded and painted every year. I finally “bit the bullet” and bought some 1″ solid brass bar to replace them with. I think I should have bought them years ago! Even at $2.50/inch, the 16 feet of brass could have paid for itself over the years. Tavish lashed these on very tightly to prevent them from slipping down.IMGP5955


and a shot from the water of “home”.IMGP5961

and one from the kitchen window.IMGP5966

Then we were off to Campbell River for inspections! The ship gets its propane system inspected, and its engine, and its fire extinguishers, and its engine room fire suppression system, and its emergency radio system is inspected by the Canadian Coast Guard.IMGP5967


We also had the new radar installation completed by the technician and powered up. “Oh goodie! A new complex addition in the wheel house to learn about”  : Heads-up, north-up, AIS and GPS enabled.


And all of Fern’s recipe testing and menu building and food ordering results in LOTS of food stuffs arriving by truck to be loaded onto the boat and stowed in crazy corners of the ship.IMGP5972  IMGP5979 IMGP5982

And finally our big day, the Transport Canada Ship Safety inspection. I bring out all the safety gear, have the fire hoses unrolled and the nozzles lashed to the stanchions so I can demonstrate the pumps without showering the yachts in the next slip with salt water. I have out the flares and pumps, and emergency tiller and first aid gear. I even have all our required paperwork displayed.

And we did get passed. Whew! That was a close call.IMGP6019 IMGP6020 IMGP6021 IMGP6022 IMGP6023

And now the last night at home for the COLUMBIA III for the next 41/2 months and I have a million details to attend to.

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