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Summer 2019

Ok, ok. This is going to be embarrassingly quick and dirty.  My main workload is maintaining the ship and shepherding her through the byzantine worlds of Transport Canada regulations, First Nations negotiations, provincial Parks permits and training my staff.

So when the touring season begins and I get to putter around on a lovely classic wooden vessel, meeting wonderful guests, eating fabulous food and seeing amazing wildlife, I simply relax and enjoy myself . . .

…  and I forget to take photos or write my blog . . . . I can relax, … sometimes . . . Can’t I ???

There are lots of 2019 photos from our summer in the website photo gallery, and I don’t want to repeat them here. So the following photos are just to prove that we do have guests, many whom return, and we see cool things and have fun.

What more could a guy ask for???  Perhaps a few months without a blog?

Here is a shot gun smattering of summer photos. Standby for the really, really exciting next blog loaded with seriously boring ship’s maintenance details.

Super Ace guide, Sam Lam . . .


stupid blogger/skipper/owner/maintenance flunky/chief dishwasher/tardy email responder etc, etc.;;; Mothership adventure 2019, British Columbia, Canada, Isobel Springett

;;; Mothership adventure 2019, British Columbia, Canada, Isobel Springett

;;; Waterfalls in GBR., British Columbia, Canada, Isobel Springett

;;; Mothership adventure 2019, British Columbia, Canada, Isobel Springett

;;; Mothership adventure 2019, British Columbia, Canada, Isobel Springett

Stretch Sam!!

Usually super Ace guide, Robin Humphreys, caught at a bad moment . . .  I went back into the records and made an appropriate pay-roll deduction.

Certainly, wildlife viewing is a wonderful part of our summer and here is a classic example. Really, how many ecotourisms operators can brag about having a Cowbird join the ship of a day. The little hitchhiker even flew into the wheel house . . .

and finally fell asleep on my binnacle as we chugged along . . .   


Bute Inlet!!

Grizzlies and the COLUMBIA III

These are spring time shots of 2 grizzlies . . . They haven’t fattened up yet, that’s later in the fall.

Now that’s a big red cedar.

Sam’s dad giving some professional advice.

Another ace guide, (all our guides are pretty darn swell), Luke Roman.

;;; Mothership adventure 2019, British Columbia, Canada, Isobel Springett

;;; Mothership adventure 2019, British Columbia, Canada, Isobel Springett

;;; Mothership adventure 2019, British Columbia, Canada, Isobel Springett

;;; Mothership adventure 2019, British Columbia, Canada, Isobel Springett

;;; Mothership adventure 2019, British Columbia, Canada, Isobel Springett

;;; Kermode Bear (Ursus americanus kermodei), British Columbia, Canada, Isobel Springett

And all of a sudden the season was over and it was back to work for me. Here Tosh Harvey helped me with the end of season laundry . . .

and carrying everything BACK up to my house  for dry winter storage.

All kayaking gear washed, rinsed and stored away.

The kayaks washed and hoisted into the boat shed rafters to get them out of the way for the winter.

And now, after about 40 days of straight work with the last tours and the run home and the end of season laundry and cleaning . . . now I can take the boat back to Campbell River for a special winter maintenance project . . . Stay tuned.

Summer 2014

Oh my gosh!! I don’t think skippers should write blogs . . . I  get so far behind and really cool things happen and I forget to grab my camera and capture the blog-moments that I “should”. Here is a random summer sampler. Steve took many of these photos. He gave me his stash of shots after I  had already posted many on  our site so here are some  more!

Luke. Lead guide, lead skipper after me, lead shipwright, awesome photographer dude and pretty darn great as a son-in-law too._DSC0532


Kayak guide and life time (at least her life time) friend and neighbour, Robin Humphreys._DSC0577

White-sided dolphins follow the COLUMBIA III_DSC0583





Oh hey! Now this is exciting! A new tender for the Columbia III. Just a little bigger than the old one and kinda shiny on the arrival date. It took almost 6 months to custom make and we pressed it into service on the “fly” in mid June. _DSC0432

Tavish on a photo shoot of the COLUMBIA III with Fern and I yelling, “TAVISH HANG ON YOU FOOL!”_DSC0516

Ah, those perfect, still, foggy Broughton mornings before the sun burns off the mists and the blue sky is revealed._DSC0657




Ace guide/paramedic, Luke Roman. Always the same great smile . . .  he even tolerates me._DSC0674

Here is a guest, a firefighter from BC with a . . . well . . . a weird hat!_DSC0681

OK, Ok, it can rain SOMETIMES._DSC0691

The group leaves the mothership for another day at “sea”._DSC0701


Why does everyone seem so relaxed! The skipper is headed for the rocks!_DSC0712

Do you really need a telephoto lens for a rock that close?_DSC0715 _DSC0716

Lots of steep granite in BC.Mothership_fun_time-1931

Nice t-shirt.


We so see sunsets in the Great Bear Rainforest._DSC0754

Mothership_fun_time-1894 Mothership_fun_time-1902

. . . and waterfalls . . . Here is Phil from Seattle. This  summer his  private group chartered the COLUMBIA III for the second time.  I think we will see them again._DSC0761

. . . and Phil is an artist. From the guest logbook, this is Fern’s fiddle on the salon sofa._DSC0814

and more water falls . . .



These are guests returning  from bear viewing in the fall Great Bear._DSC0777

_DSC0523   _DSC0823

and a few of Steve’s shots:Mothership_fun_time-1228 Mothership_fun_time-1313 Mothership_fun_time-1322 Mothership_fun_time-1404 Mothership_fun_time-1439




Mothership_fun_time-1526 Mothership_fun_time-1528 Mothership_fun_time-1535 Mothership_fun_time-1572 Mothership_fun_time-1574 Mothership_fun_time-1676 Mothership_fun_time-1695 Mothership_fun_time-1760 Mothership_fun_time-1774


Another crew shot. Christina Purcell filled in so Fern could have some much deserved time off the boat._DSC0872

The skipper hard at work as usual. It’s a tough job being so busy . . . ._DSF8397

Boomer Jerritt came again this year. Here are a few shots:_E5Q0253 _E5Q9516

Crew shot: Erin Rowsell loves to cook and take pictures, so she asked to be on Boomer’s tour._E5Q9583 _E5Q9605

Cameras and music!_E5Q9795 _MG_6047 CIMG6963

Don’t piss off the Skipper!!DSC_0910 copy

Here is our son, Tavish and a group Ian McAllister of Pacific Wild brought  together. We try to donate the use of the COLUMBIA III to Ian and Karen each year to help support their great conservation work on the BC coast.  Ian McAllister's Mothership Adventures charter 2014

Mothership_fun_time-1998 Mothership_fun_time-2032 Mothership_fun_time-2052 Pacific Mothership Adventures charter 2014

Mark Hobson came with us again this year and the weather certainly cooperated!Mothership_fun_time-60 Mothership_fun_time-106 Mothership_fun_time-118 Mothership_fun_time-120

The Broughton Archipelago was full of orca this summer. It was marvelous to see them all!Mothership_fun_time-224

Mothership_fun_time-311   Mothership_fun_time-331

Here is a cool sequence. Steve caught these orcas that decided they wanted to “check us out” Here one is approaching us . . .Mothership_fun_time-370

and diving under the COLUMBIA III !!!Mothership_fun_time-371 Mothership_fun_time-373

and you can just see the white eye-patch below the handrail . . .Mothership_fun_time-376

and out the other side of the boat . . .Mothership_fun_time-384

and breaking the surface on the other side. With another orca clearly visible under water!Mothership_fun_time-386






Mothership_fun_time-754 Mothership_fun_time-759

And another sequence of shots: A few humpback whales are working together to get dinner. One whale circles a school of small fish whilst emitting a stream of bubbles . . . This is called “bubble netting”Mothership_fun_time-843

and then the other whales charge the concentrated fish school with their mouths open.Mothership_fun_time-845

and load up on dinner. This can happen over and over with lots of great photo opportunities and just plain awesome to watch . . . to heck with the cameras.Mothership_fun_time-848

and here are 4 humpbacks just off the bow of the COLUMBIA III on a very still day. Their breath seemed to hang in the air permanently.Mothership_fun_time-1508

and if you are REALLY!!!! lucky . . . I. McAllister breaching humpback

And creek side walks looking for returning salmon:Mothership_fun_time-1191

Mothership_fun_time-1217    Mothership_fun_time-1860 Mothership_fun_time-1866

a few more of Steve’s “wildlife “shots







Oops, these guys don’t look too wild. . . Mothership_fun_time-1887 Mothership_fun_time-1888

Steve’s crew shots: Luke Roman and Rowan Kehn . . .slaving in the galleyMothership_fun_time-1915

and posing for a crew poster shot. . .  the cook has a few minutes off each day . . Mothership_fun_time-1922 Mothership_fun_time-1928

Tavish is always looking for an unusual angle on a shot.  Mothership_fun_time-1938

Linda Hogarth, a Campbell River museum tour guide that lead a wonderful tour on Coastal History this summer._DSC0413




and a nice shot of  Fern._DSC0421

another end of tour group shot . .  IMG_2813


Great Bear Rainforest Expedition with Robert Bateman & Royal Canadian Geographical Society

We are excited to announce a very special collaborative trip with Maple Leaf Adventures in the Great Bear Rainforest with Robert Bateman, Birgit Freybe Bateman, and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Just 7 places are available. Dates: June 19-27, 2014.


This is a great season for bear viewing, wildflowers and other wildlife. Summer’s long days of light allow us to explore widely, as the Batemans share their love of this coast with us.


The trip raises funds for Society projects and coastal conservation. Contact Mothership Adventures for information, or see Details and brochure or 1-250-386-7245 / 1-888-599-5323 or by email (

View a video of Robert Bateman talking about the Great Bear Rainforest