Robert Berdan Photography Tour July 2- 8 2006

We repositioned the Columbia III up to Port McNeill with Fern driving the van up to meet us. For the first Broughton Tour we were trying something new when we asked Robert to join us and we are glad we did! I think Robert is a wildlife magnet! On our first full day of the tour we saw dozens of Orcas breaching and spy-hopping. Poor Robert’s head nearly swiveled off his neck from trying to respond to all the gasps, exclamations and arm waving. “ Robert over here!” “No! port side, there’s one breaching over and over!!” “ Hey Robert!!! Look to your RIGHT!!!” But in the end everyone got some great shots and Robert’s infectious enthusiasm got us fired up. (I wish I had some extra digital cameras to sell on the spot that trip!) There were a few evening seminars on photography but the tour kept its relaxed pace and the kayaks covered lots of ground. For more photos from Robert’s tour click here, or check out his website for more of his works.

I think the sun was too hot on Luke’s kayak!

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