Repositioning to the Great Bear Rain Forest

Aug 16- 19 2006
We allow ourselves a week to move the boat up or down from the Bella Bella area. It doesn’t take that long, but the waters off Cape Caution are very exposed to the open Pacific. I always like the extra breathing space on the schedule to allow us to pick a good day for making it around the “Cape”. Last fall we came around in 4 meter seas with light winds. This summer the seas were down but the wind was up, so we spent a half day in the Deserter Group off Port Hardy waiting for the NW winds to ease off. The slow pace didn’t seem to bother the crew as we were more than happy to catch up on our SLEEP!

I think this must be “great boat” picture # 2,364,335.

We are always on the look out for new lunch spots and the trip up coast is great for snooping around…

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