Coastal kids

Ok, ok, they are now in their twenties and even close to 30 years old AND Miray has started a family AND I am now a grandfather, but they are still “kids” right. Anyhow, as I have been going over some of the summer photos I came across a few of the “kids” and thought I would toss some in here.

Our kids, Tavish, Farlyn and Miray, have grown up on this coast and their connection to it keeps evolving and expanding. Collectively they have worked as crew for Raincoast Conservation, Pacific Wild, and Alexandra Morton and at any one time someone is doing something to assist in a conservation effort on the coast. This summer, Miray and our new grandson, Theo, flew up to spend time in the Great Bear. Simultaneously, Tavish had a week off from Mothership Adventures and spent the time helping Ian McAllister of Pacific Wild set up some remote hydrophones for listening to whales in the Great Bear area around Bella Bella. And, just for good measure, Farlyn and her partner, Jody, where staying with Ian and Karen, as they were in the area doing research for Alexandra Morton . It became a sibling reunion, ( as if a family this close really needs a reunion!) in the Great Bear.

Ian, Miray and Theo

Farlyn and Jody doing ground truthing with wild salmon

Farlyn takes careful notes.


Last spring, Tavish, Farlyn and Jody sailed Ian’s new 47′ sailboat (“Habitat”) from Costa Rica to Hawaii to British Columbia as a ‘delivery” for Ian. Here, skipper Tavish plays with nephew, Theo on the Habitat in the Great Bear.

Jody and wild Pacific Salmon are never far apart!!

Ian was installing a network of remote hydrophones in the Great Bear and these are powered by solar panels. The project provided lots of opportunity for travel and exploration.

Tavish has a commercial dive ticket and  is always really willing to have an excuse to dive. Working for Pacific Wild is Tavish time off from the Columbia III.

Family friend, Max, helps with the solar panel installation.

Its a long ways for the sailboat, Habitat, to sail from Costa Rica to Ian’s back yard!!

Tavish climbed a tree to get this great shot of some spawning wild Pacific Salmon. These are THE KEYSTONE species for this coast. And the cause of great concern and effort to protect.


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