Reassuring . . .

It is common for guests to join us for a second tour.  Or a third tour. Sometimes a fourth . .  . .  And even a fifth!

Today I received an email from a “four-timer”, Scott, from the eastern USA.

“I have been to some amazing places the past few years but my love of paddling the Great Bear Rainforest with you guys overshadows them all…so lets go ahead and get me signed up…my credit card number has changed so give me a call at some point and I’ll give you the new one…ten months away and I’m already excited!!”

I called Scott and chatted, news of his work, Hurricane Sandy and our new grandson.

I have travelled a lot over the last two years. I went to South America twice last year alone and I LOVE it there, but there is no place in the world like the Great Bear Rainforest.  Sign me up,” Scott said.

Now that’s a pretty nice way for me to start my weekend.

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