April 2013: S&P. S&V. R&R . . .

Here is a taste of our month of April.

From the COLUMBIA III maintenance log:

Sand and Paint: White: the funnels, the aft mast, the entire deck house, the aft deck ceiling, aft deck cabinets, shelves and inside drawers, the inside bulwarks, ladder to roof, new veggie shelf, the hull and draft marks.

S&P Green: the outside bulwarks and the funnel

S&P Grey: The roof trim, deck boxes and all the roof area (just for the sticklers we didn’t sand the roof deck, just scrub and paint).

S & P Light yellow: Forecastle head, aft head, midship shower, forward collision bulkhead door, new galley cupboard shelf, inside 12VDC fridge and new companionway bookshelf.

S & Varnish: All exterior doors, frames and window trims, salon table, transom, chairs, engine rooms storm boards, coffee maker bracket, aft deck drawer fronts and cabinet door trim.

S & Oil: Hand rails, running light boxes, cap rails, guard rails, waterline gum wood , all decks (with new non-skid added on first of two coats) and anchor guard gumwood.

S & P Red: fire buckets, lazarette hatch, funnel stripe and funnel insides.

S & P Black: Anchor winch, hawse hole irons, deck vents and bow iron.

Remove and Repair or Replace and or Inspect: main engine fuel filters, compressor oil, autopilot oil, all seals on autopilot hydraulic ram, diesel fired water heater including bearings, all chain steering shives, ignitor on galley range, wheelhouse trackbar for handheld radios, grease gun mounted to lubricate stuffing box, new start battery for gensets, fix fuel drip on transfer pump system, replace rusting section of emergency fire hydrant system, galley range worklight replaced and inspect exhaust stack cabinet . . . . .

Our spring work season really starts in earnest when deckhand Steve Schellenberg arrives on his sailboat. Steve likes to work long days and keeping him supplied in projects and materials keeps me pretty darn busy!IMGP5309

So I am going to be lazy here. I am working flat out at this time of the year in the boat shed and office work at night. Here is a smattering of photos that are self-explanatory.

We sand everything all at once to get the dusty, messy business out of the way, (I LOVE OUR BOAT SHED!!!!)IMGP5317



Then we wash EVERYTHING  . . . . IMGP5340



Then we start to paint and varnish and oil everything . . .IMGP5366








and work continues on the inside of the vessel and in the shop on smaller components . . IMGP5310







And we take things apart to inspect and repair and replace . . . IMGP5321

More photos to come as work progresses . . .

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