The 2020 Marine Debris Removal Initiative (MDRI) is coming to a close just in time for the change in seasons.

What an absolute success so far! Almost 100T of debris, mostly fishing gear, styrofoam, plastic bottles, ropes, floats, small micro-plastics, removed from the BC’s central coast.

The spotlight has been on this initiative for the last month or so thanks to the tireless work of our many friends in the Small Ship Tourism Association of BC.

Most recently the Globe and Mail 

Morale has been high on the Columbia III all the crew and our colleagues are so motivated to clean up these beautiful BC coastlines we all have taken so many special experiences from throughout our lives. Our crew has been working extra hard, and been extra motivated, never to miss a beach, work through the dark and through meals all in the name of garbage removal.

Much more to come but for now check out the many articles that have been published about this awesome initiative!

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