Cruises 2010

We run a wide variety of BC cruising tours during the summer and rather than listing each one by artist or tour leader or date I thought I would just throw in a smattering of photos of folks having fun on the Columbia III. Some are scenery but most are just people shots and “stuff” that happens on our tours. These are in no particular order but just here for fun.

One famous British Columbian came along to explore Bute Inlet. Vicky Husband is well known for her environmental activism and it was easy to see how she accomplishes so much in her life.

We took one tour up Bute Inlet this year. This is literally just out our family’s back door, but it was our first tour here with Mothership Adventures. Even our daughter/guide who has been up Bute numerous times couldn’t put her camera away.

Alison Watt has joined us for several artist’s workshops and it is always fun to eavesdrop on her teaching sessions.

When we stopped at Billy Proctors for the first time this spring, our daughter, Farlyn, just had to investigate Billy’s winter project. He had built a replica of a cedar shack loggers cabin.

Boomer Jerritt came along again to teach photography. He is certainly our best “teacher”. He is organized and focused (sorry for the pun), informative and always lots of fun. It is great to see the same world through each individual participants camera “eye”.

Ok! Ok! I love this picture as it really tells a great story about our tours. This is a photo of our ship’s chart table in the wheelhouse (I hope Transport Canada isn’t looking too hard) But look closely here and read between the lines. There are 3 pairs of binoculars, so we have had lots of cool scenery and wildlife to look at. There is the Mothership Adventures big camera, so that is a sure sign that some GREAT wildlife has been close at hand. There is a surprise birthday cake ready for lighting for an unsuspecting guest . . . so it must be dinner time and the guests are enjoying a gourmet dinner and dessert is coming soon complete with a rousing round of “Happy Birthday”. There is a card with a picture of the Columbia III which we have secretly got all guests and crew except the birthday boy(girl) to sign. AND there is the killer whale identification catalogue open so the guides can confirm which whales they have just seen . .. which answers the question about why the big camera and telephoto lens are out . . . AND there is the marine chart below and my log book open from the last entry . . ” 18:08 Anchored in quiet bay, great sunset. a seal is curious just out the wheel house door,”

Jeanette is happiest poking about in the bushes looking for historical treasures!

Now that is a great dinner table view! And as the boat swings on the anchor it is constantly evolving, revolving. And different every meal, every day.

I usually remain aboard the Columbia III to move the boat to a new spot, to monitor the vessel as she lays at anchor (an arduous task!) and to work terribly hard (napping?!) but my wife, Fern claims her job is by far the most onerous . . . a guest snapped this photo to reveal the truth!

Jeanette is our long time friend and tour leader par excellence but really she does get this fiendish smile when she is looking at pictographs . . . you should see her when she finds a new one!!

Scott runs Alexandra Morton’s field station near Echo Bay and we have gotten to know her a little bit. But it is really easy to pick out her skiff as she swings past to give us a wave.

On our First Nations cultural cruise, we visited a remote settlement with a stunning bighouse. The chief and his family gave us a rare dance performance with several generations participating. We were all spell bound and deeply honoured that they would share with us in such a dramatic and intimate way. We were so lucky!!

. . . . and further to the hard working Mothership Adventures team member . . . my wife joins the “Shoreside Jumpers” skipping team. From all accounts, Fern is still championship material.

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