“Slip her surly bounds . . .”

I say this every year, but really, it is true. We toil diligently, doggedly all winter long on the mothership and the business. We pay great attention to tiny details guests will never see or realize, but all the efforts are entirely focused towards finally leaving the dock for our season! Whales, dolphins, sunsets, snow capped peaks, new friends, that is the motivation behind this whole endeavour.

Here Fern and I finally leave home with the COLUMBIA III to begin our 2012 season. Luke drops the mooring lines and we are away!!!!_-2-5

I back away from the home dock, sound the air horn so everyone knows we are leaving and Miray and Theo wave from the shore . . .  well, Theo’s was a pretty small wave.

And there she goes . .  . The mothership won’t be home until mid to late October          . . .    ” Safe travels”.

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